DevOps way project development – Build tallest Pyramid with Cup

“DevOps is a cultural and professional movement” – Adam Jacob

Below are the core values of DevOps, we will apply these values in this simulation.

Introduction to DevOps: Transforming and Improving Operations – John Willis


I have conducted this session along with John Willis at Serverless Summit



Build tallest Pyramid with Cup without touching the cups in hand.

Supplies for each team

  • Cups
  • Rubber band
  • Thread

Game Rules

  1. Identify roles in your team Dev, QA, DD, DBA and Ops.
  2. Create a strategy how to deliver
  3. Use only rubber band and thread to handle cups
  4. Everyone should hold tread to lift cups
  5. Build tallest Pyramid as possible
  6. Apply DevOps values


Team is planning
Into the action of building Pyramid in DevOps way
Pyramid is ready

Surprises will be introduced at the last to see how team has prepared for the delivery

  • Load test
  • Production movement
  • Change request


  • Make work visible – we need to make our work as visible as possible
  • Everyone is responsible
  • DevOps is about Relationship
  • Need to have strong trust within team
  • Regular communication and collaboration is must
  • Shared blame, success and failure
  • Focus on end Goal
  • Share contribution
  • Empowerment
  • Freedom and Accountability
  • Reduce batch sizes
  • Eliminate hardship and waste in the value stream
  • Continuous learning and experimentation


Further Reading: 

Introduction to DevOps: Transforming and Improving Operations – John Willis

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