Warm up game Rock Paper Scissor

Its always good to start the long sessions/workshops with a small game. This bring energy to people.

This game can be played with any number of people, more the number and it takes more time.

The first known mention of the game was in the book Wuzazu (zh) by the Chinese Ming-dynasty writer Xie Zhaozhi (zh)

Game Rule

  • Person can choose anything among Paper, Scissor or Rock, he will play against opponent
  • Opponent will choose anything among Paper, Scissor or Rock
  • Player will choose any one at the same time
  • If both chooses same, it repeats till one beats other
  • Winner will be decided based on below rule



While Playing larger group we can follow this strategy

  • Divide the people into half
  • Each one play the game with person next to him
  • Winner will pay with the other winner
  • Like wise it will continue till the last Winner

John Willis and I conducted this game at Serverless Summit – DevOps Workshop

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