DevOps way project development – Build tallest Pyramid with Cup

“DevOps is a cultural and professional movement” – Adam Jacob Below are the core values of DevOps, we will apply these values in this simulation.     Simulation Build tallest Pyramid with Cup without touching the cups in hand. Supplies for each team Cups Rubber band Thread Game Rules Identify roles in your team Dev,... Continue Reading →

Reduce the no of Hand offs in project Lean Simulation Ball game

It takes months, or even years to deliver business values because there are hundreds of operations required to deliver business value. To transmit code through the value stream requires multiple departments to work on a variety of tasks, approvals, business team, PO/BA refining, development, functional testing, integration testing, environment creation, server administration, storage administration, networking,... Continue Reading →

Lean Simulation Small batch release – Coin game

This simulation will prove how small batch release wins over big bang release. Big bang release – In traditional software development, we develop for years and release everything together. This creates a lot of issues like long lead time, skyrocketing levels of WIP (work in progress), long waiting, increasing development cost, low quality and more. Small batch... Continue Reading →

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