DevOps High Trust Culture simulation – Pen game

DevOps is an Cultural Change. we need to build high trust within and among teams for faster delivery with high quality.


Without touching pen, using threads we need to write TRUST word on paper.

you will be provided with a pen and thread.

  1. Identify roles in your team Dev, QA, DD, DBA and Ops.
  2. Plan your strategy
  3. Tie the thread to pen
  4. Every member will have thread which is tied to the same pen
  5. without touching the pen and paper. write the word TRUST on the paper

I have conducted this at DevOps Workshop at Server Summit


Watch the short video of this simulation


  1. Everyone is responsible
  2. DevOps is about Relationship
  3. Need to have strong trust within team
  4. Regular communication and collaboration is must
  5. Shared blame
  6. Shared success and failure
  7. Focus on end Goal
  8. Share contribution
  9. Empowerment
  10. Freedom and Accountability

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